More than romance

A fun way to celebrate Valentines with your co-workers.

Remember when you were in grade-school and you made cards or exchanged candy with your classmates…

Valentine’s day is, of course, a day for flowers, chocolates, and a decent excuse to treat yourself to an expensive Italian dinner, but it is more than just love and romance; If done right it can be a perfect opportunity to bring your office together for some fun.

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s day in a workplace. You can start with putting everyone’s name into a bowl and have everyone draw a name to see who would be their Valentine, and then pin the name on their sleeve for the day, to express the saying, “wearing your heart on your sleeve.”

Or have everyone write a Valentine’s day card and exchange them; considering it is the second largest seasonal card-sending time of the year, it seems like the thing to do.
Another thing that could really bring the office together would be to have a potluck Valentine’s Day feast where everyone brings in a sweet treat or dish to celebrate. Not to mention, overindulging in sweets is always better with others.

So leave the shame at the door, get to know your co-workers/ employees a little more, and eat your weight in sweets this Valentine’s Day!