How to leave the perfect impact…

With your company t-shirts!

With warmer weather finally on the horizon, we can all break out of the long sleeve shirts and get out the t-shirts for the summer. That is, if they are good enough to break out. You know those t-shirts that are super stiff, uncomfortable, and end up getting tossed to the side, never to be worn again after one or two years?

We often get caught up in the illusion that if your brand is liked, no matter the quality, your supporters will wear and promote your brand. That is not always the case and if you’re not careful, and precise with your choice of quality, and product, it could be your brand’s shirt heading for the trash.

When considering the perfect t-shirt for your company and to represent your brand,
there are many things to consider, for example;

  • Fit
  • Event Type
  • Purpose
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Price

When talking to our sales rep about his thoughts on the perfect T, and what to consider, he had this to say.

“Price is something that we all consider of course and that you will probably move to a higher position on your list. Our suggestion is to find the item that checks all the other boxes first. You will get a much greater value out of the shirt and the cost difference isn’t significantly higher for a better quality shirt.”

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