and how to approach it in the office.

Stress is one of those things, that no matter what we do, how far we run, what food we overeat, we will feel at one time or another for endless reasons. Don’t let one of those reasons be work. Although for many people it is the core reason for stress, it does not have to be. In honor of April being stress awareness month, we have taken it upon ourselves to learn more about it, and share the knowledge.

Some may think that there are not many ways to cope with stress or stressful situations in the workplace, but to our findings, that is quite the contrary. There are many ways to deal with stress, especially when it comes to dealing with it in the workplace, including the following;

  • Track your stressors; not everything causes stress in our everyday life, but if you don’t take second to notice what your stressors are it will sure seem like it.
  • Take time to recharge alone; sometimes stress comes from within, it is essential that we take time to recharge and clear our minds.
  • Learn how to develop healthy responses; half of the battle is how we respond to stressful situations.
  • Prioritize and organize; focus on prioritizing what needs to be accomplished first so you cut the stress of last minute work out, and then organize what you can tackle next
  • Recognize your bad habits; we all have things we could work on, recognizing them for what they are is a good place to start.
  • Be proactive rather than reactive; making sure that we are constantly trying to be prepared and ready for what’s next, is always better than waiting it out and letting it all pile up.

We can’t eliminate all your stresses but hopefully, these tips and tricks shed some light on stress in the workplace and dealing with it!

If you have stress around your next advertising campaign, we can really help with that!